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What You missed LAST Week  
                                                                    NOT JUST BANK EARNINGS

July 15—19, 2019 While the media will be trying to fan a debate between those who believe the Fed will cut by half a point in 2 weeks, and those who believe it will be only a quarter of a point, I’d maintain there is no debate. The FOMC is going to go with a quarter point, partially persuaded by the outlooks from banks reporting, this week, which will take into account lower net interest margin—NIM to the trade—because the FOMC is widely expected to cut by a quarter point. Think about it: an interest rate cut hurts savers and banks, especially, and not something usually done when unemployment is at 3.6%, and stocks are making new all time highs. Furthermore, if Powell is hoping a quarter point cut will silence the President, he’s going to be rudely awakened to the foolishness of that thought.

Powell, it turns out, is speaking in France, Tuesday, at Bretton Woods 75 Years Later: Thinking About the Next 75, in Paris. His topic is, "Aspects of Monetary Policy in the Post-Crisis Era." The conference is a joint undertaking of the ECB and Banque de France. Powell won’t be alone, with BoE Gov.Carney and World Bank’s freshly minted President, David Malpass, speaking there, too, as well as the IMF Managing Director, David Lipton, Carmen Reinhart, Jean-Claude Trichet, and the French Minister for Economy & Finance. Most of them are all on their way to the G7 Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors meeting, also in France, the 17th & 18th. ECB’s Draghi & Coeure are also attending.

But there’ll be plenty of Fed speakers at home, too. Monday, the NY Fed Pres/CEO Williams keynotes SIFMA’s "LIBOR: Transition Briefing: The Transition to Alternative Reference Rates," a half day workshop. Fed’s Evans will speak at CNBC’s @Work Series, in Chicago, late in the day, while Fed’s Bostic kicks off Tuesday, at another Fed Listens Event, in Augusta GA. Between those Tuesday speakers, Facebook will appear at the Senate, which is holding hearings on its proposed Libra cryptocurrency. At the US Judiciary’s Antitrust Subcommittee, representatives from Facebook, Alphabet’s Google, Amazon & Apple will defend themselves against charges that their dominance impacts not just online platforms but stifles innovation & entrepreneurship, besides. Congress will quite the attraction this week: former Special Counsel, Robert Mueller III is scheduled to testify, Wednesday, even after his press conference was intended to be the last word from him on his investigation.

And that’s not all, for the Economic Calendar. Overnight, Sunday, China’s Statistics Bureau will dump a ton of June data, including New Home Sales, Fixed Asset Investment, Industrial Production, Retail Sales, Jobless Rate, and both Q2 and YTD GDP. The BIG slowdown Trump keeps insisting his tariffs are causing are sure to be nowhere in sight. The Chinese would never give him the satisfaction, and surely don’t want the populace to worry that anything’s wrong. US data includes surveys, like the Empire State Manufacturing one, Monday, and the Philly Fed’s version on Thursday. We’ll also get US June Retail Sales, Business Inventories—for wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers, NAHB’s July Housing market Index, June Housing Starts & Building Permits, the Fed’s Beige Book Wednesday, Also Thursday, NY Fed Pres/CEO Williams is back to keynote CEBRA—the Central Bank Research Association Annual Meeting in NY, co-sponsored by Columbia University, and the NY Fed. Fed dove Bullard is speaking Friday, as are Fed’s Rosengren and the BoJ’s Kuroda on Friday.

Other items of note on the Economic Calendar include the Apollo 50th Anniversary Gala, on Tuesday night, with Cisco’s Webex connecting the host NASA center in Florida, Mission Control in Houston, and the satellite Tracking Agency in Australia, without whom the many Apollo missions could not have succeeded. Also that night, a data dump from the UK, which will make clear how the drawn out Brexit negotiations are impacting the country’s economy. Today, as Roger Federer & Novac Djokovic battled it out for Wimbledon Champion, not only were Kate & William there but so, too, was Prime Minister May, sitting in the royal box. I believe anyone who saw the first walk on the moon will never forget where they were when they saw it. Also on the Economic Calendar, Tankan Surveys for Japan, and ZEW’s for the Eurozone & Germany.

If all of this sounds exhausting, get a load of the Earnings Calendar. Unlike when Q4 was reported, and the first week of Earnings came from 16 banks an just about no one else, this week, even those companies like Goldman Sachs & Microsoft, which usually report the 2nd big week are, instead, reporting this week. Citi is first out of the gate, on Monday but, even Wells Fargo, usually a Friday reporter is, instead, reporting Tuesday this week, along with JPMorgan, CSX, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, and United Airlines. With a competing and larger oil refinery deciding to shut down, after a major fire, UAL is looking prettier all the time. Normally, other Tuesday reporters like Canadian Pacific Railroad, and Cintas would be no match for the banks reporting that day but CTAS is a good read on factory activity.

Wednesday, we’ll hear from Bk of America, Bank of NY Mellon, Kinder Morgan, Netflix, Omnicom, PNC Financial, & US Bank but of exceptional interest is IBM’s first report since closing on Red Hat last week, which will inform its outlook. Thursday, reports are coming from Alliance
Data Systems, .Ally Financial, BB&T (soon to be renamed the unfortunate Truist, when its merger with SunTrust closes), Blackstone, Capital One Financial, newly public Chewy.com, Danaher, E Trade Financial, Honeywell, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, homebuilder NVR, Philip Morris International, Pook Corp, paint company PPG, SAP, Skechers, Snap-On, SunTrust, Union Pacific, and United Health. Friday, American Express, Autoliv, BlackRock, Charles Schwab, Citizens Financial, Cleveland Cliffs, Gentex, Kansas City Southern, Manpower, Regions Financial, Schlumberger, Sensient, State Street, and Synchrony Financial.

My heart be still but if no one else were reporting for the rest of the month, we’d have a pretty broad view of the market, overall. Again, It’s financials that may disappoint the most. Not only might trading be weaker than usual but bank outlooks can’t be strong, given they have lower rates to look forward to, just as they’re finishing the first six months of better rates than they’ve enjoyed for 10 years. So, not only might Q2 reports disappoint but Q3 & 2H outlooks are sure to be weaker than they were last year. But heck! Who cares?

So it’s said, and with all due respect to the guys who risked their lives going into space, NASA is pulling out all the stops for the Apollo 50th Anniversary Gala, on the 16th, at the NASA Kennedy Space Center in Florida. In addition to 500 guests at the space center, there will be astronauts Mike Collins (Apollo 11), Charles Duke (Apollo 16), Rusty Scweickart (Apollo 9), Gerry Griffin (Apollo flight director at Mission Control for 3 lunar missions), and hooked up by Cisco Webex (teleconference) will be the USS hornet & the Satellite Trackers in Canberra Australia, 3 members of their crew, who kept Apollo communications connected to Florida and the Houston Space Center. The USS Hornet crew is who rescued the Apollo 11 astronauts after they splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, on 7/24, 1969. Included in that crew is Sgt Joe Holt who provided security to Pres. Richard Nixon, as he watched splashdown aboard the Hornet, before helicoptering off. We’ve also be told, on the QT, that Webex will connect the Int’l Space Station to the festivities, as well.

CEBRA, Columbia U SIPA (School of Int’l & Public Affairs), & NY Fed Reserve co-sponsor the Annual meeting. NY Fed’s John Williams keynotes on Monetary Policy. Also speaking: Greg IP (WSJ), IBM, profs from Harvard, Brookings institution, Stanford U, Columbia Um Fed Banks of St. Louis, Cleveland, & San Francisco, SNB, ECB, Bundesbank, IMF, Norges Bank, BoJ’s Kuroda, Bk of Israel and many more. Larry Summers & Ben Bernanke will participate on panels organized by the IMF on Monetary Policy in the New Normal, Fri, starting at 9am. About half the governors of the Central Bk of Ireland will participate in panels on Understanding Market Based Finance & Non-Bank Financial Institutions, one topic of which is Empirical Network Contagion for US Financial Institutions. Economists Carmen Reinhart & Ken Rogoff participate in the Evolution of Monetary Policy Frameworks: Past, Present & Future, Exchange Arrangements entering the 21st Century: Which anchor will hold? When you navigate to the link provided for the CEBRA meeting, click on the program link, then be sure to get to subsequent pages. Initially, it looked like there was only a partial page and nothing else. Paging down several times took us to the subsequent pages. CEBRA may have a more impressive group of participants than G7’s FinMins & Central Bankers in France—especially given anyone can link to the streams from CEBRA, which they can’t do for G7.

The Allen & Co conference wraps Sunday, so be looking out for the next deal. Some think the buy is what remains of Fox, while I keep looking at LionsGate and think it’s just too cheap for words, given its library, and the number of companies hungry for content to feed their planned streaming services. I’m scratching my head over ALPA—Airline Pilots Ass’n Air Safety Forum in D.C., starting M,onday, while the APSCON—Airborne Public Safety Ass’n meetings in Omaha, and that’s before I even contemplate anyone other than Berkshire Hathaway meeting in Omaha, in the summer, or any other time of year. For that matter, why would the Sports Medicine division of the Orthopaedic Ass’n meet in Boston, while APMA—Podiatrists—meet in Salt Lake city? Well, OK, that one I can more easily understand—doctors don’t consider Podiatrists as well educated, anymore than they think chiropractors are doctors.

But forget all that, and all the other Events, for that matter. National Dental Ass’n meeting start Wednesday, in D.C., while they Academy of General Dentistry meets starting the next day, in Uncasville, CT (Mohegan Sun). The 15th & 16th are Amazon Prime Days, so the 14—17th are Walmart Deal Days, the 15th eBay Deal Day, and Target’s competing Deal Days on the 15th & 16th, but really all week, if you want to pre-book a deal with a Target Red Card. So forget all the other events, and maybe forget all the Earnings, too. Likewise, Nordstrom starts its Anniversary Sale on the 19th, which runs though August 4th—just long enough to capture Sales Tax Holidays in 11 states on 08/02—08/04, alone. To hear CNBC tell it, there’s likely to be nothing but Amazon to watch all week, wager whether its servers can handle the surge of customers, and whether any of the competing deals, in the end, were competition, at all. I can’t wait for the estimates of how many billions AMZN booked in sales. Last year, in a single day—11/11, Singles Day--Alibaba booked $11B in sales, while AMZN will never say how much it booked. It doesn’t even like providing quarterly sales and wouldn’t if the SEC didn’t force it to.

Meanwhile, another Monday, another Healthcare deal, This time, Gilead Sciences is expanding its stake in Galapagos NV (GLPG), with an agreement that includes a $3.95B upfront payment & and additional $1.1B investment into GLPG. It gives GILD "access to all current & future compounds in Galapagos’ rich pipeline while Galapagos is able to expand its research activities and build commercial infrastructure," GILD CEO Daniel O’Day said in a statement. GILD’s latest investment, at 140.59 euros ($158.43) p/share boosts GILD’s stake in GLPG to 22% from 12.3%; at a 10% premium to Friday’s close. The original deal, in 2015, gave GILD access to filgotinib, an experimental compound getting good buzz in rheumatoid arthritis & inflammatory bowel disease, whose submittal to the FDA for approval is expected before year end. Simultaneously, future development costs for filgotinib will be shared equally, replacing the 80/20 split provided by the earlier deal.

How long can the bulls keep pushing stocks to new highs? Well, the summer rally usually peaks the first or 2nd week of August, which is just in time to capture one more flurry to the upside, after the FOMC cuts rates at their meeting, at the end of the month. It’s financials that may be the odd men out, this earnings period, which is why I’d take profits on any additional gains they can manage. About the only group whose results have utter despair written all over them are retailers, and that still doesn’t make them a buy. I find the market exceptionally expensive. How ‘bout you?

ECONOMIC: (Highlights, only, below. Full International Economic Calendar here)
SUNDAY, 07/14
    OVERNIGHT into US Sun. a.m. et:
        China Jun New Home Prices, Fixed Assets, Industrial Production, Retail Sales
. Jobless Rates, Q2 & YTD GDP, Jun Property Investment

MONDAY, 07/15
Empire State NY Fed Manufacturing Survey
(8:30am et)
Canada Jun Existing Home Sales
NY Fed’s Williams keynotes
SIFMA’s "LIBOR Transition Briefing: The Transition to Alternative Reference Rates" w/Q&A; also speaking, Andrew Bailey, CEO if Financial Conduct Authority (UK), Chair of Alt Reference Rates Cmte Thomas Wipf (also of MS), and the V.P.’s of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac (8:50am—11am)
Fed Reserve Bk of Chicago Business Smart Week – Chicago (Chicago Fed thru 17th)
US Treasury Auctions $36B 3-, & $36B 6-month Bills (11:30am et)
    OVERNIGHT into US Tues. a.m. et:
       RBA (Aussie) Minutes of July MPC Meeting
       UK Jun Jobless Claims/Change
, May Avg Wkly Earnings, ILO Unemployment Rate
       Eurozone July ZEW Economic Sentiment, May Trade Balance
       German July ZEW Survey of Current/Expected Conditions & Sentiment
       Banque de France & ECB’s de Galhau welcome to "
Bretton Woods: 75 Years Later: Thinking About the Next 75" (Paris FR)
       World Bank Pres. Malpass & other speakers from BIS, Harvard, Columbia, John Hopkins, WTO, World Bk., FT, London School of Economics @Bretton Woods
       BoE Gov Carney speaks @Bretton Woods….75 Years Later

TUESDAY, 07/16
Fed’s Bostic
speaks @Fed Listens Event (Augusta GA 8:15am et)
US June Retail Sales (8:30a, et)
US June Import/Export Prices
IMF acting Mng Dir Lipton, Carmen Reinhart, J-C.. Trichet, & French Minister for Economy & Finance speak @Bretton Woods ---75 Years Later
US June Industrial Production/Capacity Utilization (9:15am et)
US June Business Inventories (manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers—10am et)
NAHB July Housing Market Index
Facebook (FB), Google (GOOG), Amazon (AMZN) & Apple (AAPL)
reps testify @US Congress antitrust subcommittee, on their impact on online platforms & whether their market power inhibits competition, innovation, and entrepreneurship
Facebook (FB) hearings on Libra @US Senate
US Treasury Auctions $26B 52-week Bills
FOMC Chief Powell speech
"Aspects of Monetary Policy in the Post-Crisis Era" @Bretton Woods (Paris FR)
Fed’s Evans speaks w/Q&A at CNBC @Work Series (3:30pm et Chicago)
    OVERNIGHT into US Wed. a.m. et:
       APOLLO 50th Anniversary Gala
(NASA Space Center FL+2 other locations)
       EU 25 Jun New Car Registrations
       UK Jun CPI, Retail & Raw Materials Price Indices, PPI, House Price Index
       BoE’s Hauser
speaks @AFME (Ass’n for Financial Markets Europe) & Central Bank Governors Meeting (London 9:50 cet)
       ECB’s Draghi & Couere participate in
G7 Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors Meeting; We presume Jerome Powell attending, also (Chantilly FR thru 18th)

MBA weekly Mortgage/Refinance Apps (7am et)
US June Housing Starts/Building Permits
EIA weekly Petroleum/Gasoline/Distillates Stats
(20:30a,m et/ w/e 07/12; Barry Impact?)
Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller III testifies @Congress
Fed’s Beige Book (2pm et)
OVERNIGHT into US Thurs. a.m. et:
    Japan Reuters July Tankan Index,
Trade Balance
    South Korea MPC July Interest Rate Decision
    Swiss June Trade Balance (Imports/Exports/Watch Exports)

US weekly Jobless Claims
Canada ADPJune Payrolls Estimate, Teranet/Nat’l Bank Home Price Index
Philly Fed July Business Outlook Survey
South Africa July Interest Rate/Prime Rate Decision
EIA weekly Natural Gas Report (10:30am et; w/e 07/12—less Barry Impact than oil)
US Treasury Refunding Announcement (11am et)
US Treasury Auctions 4-, & 8-week Bills (11:30am et; values not yet announced)
US Treasury Auctions $14B 10-year TIPS (1pm et)
NY Fed Pres. Williams keynote (2:15pm) on Monetary Policy @
CEBRA—Central Bank Research Ass’n, Columbia Univ, & NY Fed Reserve Annual Meeting (NY thru 20th)
Fed Reserve weekly Balance Sheet & US Money Supply (4:30pm et)
    OVERNIGHT into US Fri. a.m. et:
        Japan June CPI
, Supermarket Sales May All Industry Activity

FRIDAY, 07/19
U.M. (P) July Consumer Sentiment
Fed’s Bullard and Gary Censler participate in a High-Level Panel on Technology and the Future of the Monetary & Financial System @CEBRA (11:05am. Columbia U)
Baker-Hughes weekly US/North American Rig Count (1pm et)
BoJ’s Kuroda & Fed’s Rosengren
panelists on Central Bank Independence @CEBRA (4:30pm)

BIS Panel
on Exchange Rates & Monetary Policy Frameworks @CEBRA (NY )

         WEEKS AHEAD: 07/25 ECB MPC Rate Meeting & Press Conference
                                    07/30 BoJ MPC 2-day Meeting Ends
                             07/30—31 FOMC 2-day Meeting, followed by Powell Press Conference

(We no longer separate pre- from post-market releases. We cover only the major money center banks, large foreign banks traded in the US, and the largest regionals but for the first 2 weeks of Earnings Season, we include more of them (but NOT all), because financials so dominate the schedule. We ignore "the" in a company name unless it’s integral to the ticker—it rarely is. (We did NOT ignore ‘Charles’ in Schwab’s name, though, as many other services do.) . "???" after a ticker means we’ve seen it on many competing Earnings Calendars but couldn’t confirm it ourselves. Any company that didn’t confirm by Thursday, 07/11, at noon is not included. We often check the IR site for every company supposed to report but it’s too large a group from the 2nd through 6th week of Earnings Season. In those weeks, we’re guided by 3rd parties who have proven reliable in the past but could be wrong on any given ticker. Emboldened tickers are those we expect the Street and/or Media to focus on most, or those we believe will most impact a sector or stocks, altogether. This early in the Earnings Season, we highlight an array of stocks that are from sectors outside the dominant, financials. It’s subjective, and you’re free to disagree.)






Allen & Co Annual Conference
wraps up (Sun Valley ID)
AHS 61st Am. Headache Society New Frontiers in Headache (Philadelphia PA)
National APMA (Podiatrists) Annual Scientific Meeting (Salt Lake City UT)
AOSSM Sports Medicine div. of Am. Orthopaedic Society (Boston MA)
The Aestehtic Show-Where Science Meets Beauty (Las Vegas NV)
2019 Miami Swim Fashion Week (Miami FL thru 16th)
Society of Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging (Las Vegas NV)
Wimbledon Tennis Championship Men’s Singles Final (UK/ESPN-[DIS] 8am)

Ass’n International Conference (Los Angeles CA thru 18th)
School Nutrition Ass’n Annual Nat’l Conference (St Louis MO thru 16th)
Microsoft (MSFT) Inspire Worldwide Partners Conference (Las Vegas thru 18th)
Walmart (WMT) starts discount competitor to AMZN Prime Days (thru 17th)
Formula-E New York City E-Prix II (Brooklyn NY)

MONDAY, 07/15
ALPA 65th Airline Pilots Ass’n Air Safety Forum (D.C. thru 18th)
APSCON Airborne Public Safety Ass’n (Omaha NE thru 20th)
Shopper Insights & Retail Activation (Chicago IL thru 17th)
AACR Integrative Molecular Epidemiology Workshop: Bridging Cancer Biology & Precision Medicine (Boston MA thru 19th)
Pandemics, Bioterrorism & Global Health Security: From Anthrax to Zika (Arlington VA thru 18th)
Stephens Poultry & Egg Industry Update Conference Call w/Urner Barry (2pm et)
Fortune Brainstorm Tech (Aspen CO thru 17th)
SANSFire 2019 (D.C, thru 22nd)
SMA Focus on Women’s Health CME Conference (Kiawah Island SC thru 18th)
Permian Basin Produced Water Management (Houston TX thru 17th)
MOZCON Marketing Annual (Seattle WA thru 17th)
Nomura Industrials & Materials Corporate Day (Hong Kong thru 16th)
ISSTA: Int’l Symposium on Software Testing & Analysis (Beijing China thru 18th)
ECOOP—Object Oriented Software Programming @ISSTA (Beijing thru 19th)
Amazon (AMZN) Prime Days (starts 3am on 15th, for 48 hours (US & Canada)
eBay (EBAY) Deal Day (online to compete with AMZN’s Prime Day)
Solition (SOLY) 26-wk patient data from cellulite proof of concept clinical trial for
Rapid Acoustic Pulse device (RAP) licensed from MD Anderson
T-Mobile (TMUS) into the S&P 500, replacing RedHat on which IBM closed its acquisition 07/11
Target (TGT) Deal Days competing with AMZN Prime Days (US & Canada thru 16th)

TUESDAY, 07/16
Needham & Co 2nd Annual Retail & Global Brands 1x1 Conference (NY)
ABA American Banker In|Vest (wealth mngmnt; NY thru 17th)
SSA Shareholder Services Ass’n Annual Conference (Annapolis MD thru 18th)
ICSC (Shopping Centers) Next Generation Conference (Edgewater NJ thru 17th)
CleanTech Power Breakfast (San Francisco CA)
Uber (Ultimate Java) Conference (Denver CO thru 19th)
DIRECTION: Textile Design Premier ViSiON (NY thru 17th)
2020 Am. Gas Ass’n Financial Forum Planning Meeting (Marco Island FL thru 17th)
Wells Fargo Private Technology Company Forum (NY)
Stephens State of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) Call w/Dave Michels of Talking Pointz (11am et)
Int’l Supercomputing High Performance Conference (Frankfurt Germany thru 20th)
EiG Excellence in iGaming (Amsterdam NL thru 19th)
Int’l Congress of Mucosal Immunology Course & Symposium (Brisbane Australia thru 20th)
AAPL, AMZN, FB, & GOOGL testifying before Antitrust Subcommittee on whether they stifle competition & entrepreneurship
Cisco Systems (CSCO) is using Webex to connect all of NASA’s space centers and Australian Satellite Tracking Agency used for all the Apollo missions, @APOLLO 50th Anniversary Gala
EA (EA) The Sims 4:Island Living launches worldwide for consoles
Etsy (ETSY) raised listing fees a year ago, which should make this year appear exceptionally strong in weeks ahead
Facebook (FB) hearings on Libra @US Senate
Peoplesoft (ORCL)’s Quest division organizes) RECONNECT (Rosemont IL thru 18th)
RSA (DELL) Conference (Singapore thru 18th)
Tellurian Inc (TELL) marketing w/Strategas (Los Angeles)
Tesla (TSLA) majority shareholder, Elon Musk, to unveil his ultra-secret NeuraLink, ultra-high bandwidth brain machine, intended to interface between brain & computer, to assist quaqdrapalygics and others suffering disorders that limit their movement and/or speech

ROTH RNA Revolution Conference (NY)
Builder Expo (Atlanta GA thru 18th)
106th Anniversary National Dental Ass’n Annual (D.C. thru 21st)
Annual Emergency Medicine Int’l Disaster Management CliniCon (Orlando FL thru 19th)
NAED: Electrical Distributors Leadership Summit (Nashville TN thru 19th)
AWFS: Woodwork & Furnishings Supplies (Las Vegas thru 20th)
IMAST: Advanced Spine Technologies (Amsterdam NL thru 20th)
33rd National Conference on Problem Gambling (Denver CO thru 20th)
Nat’l Conf. on Gambling, Addiction, eSports & Responsible Gambling (Cleveland OH thru 20th)
ABJS Annual Meeting of Ass’n of Bone & Joint Surgeons (thru 21st, City unknown)
Triple Gold Summer Conference (The Astrologers Fund, NY)
InfoComm China (Beijing thru 19th)

AGD Academy of General Dentistry
(Uncasville CT thru 20th)
SFSTA San Francisco Security Traders Association (San Francisco thru 21st)
ASPA Plastic Surgeons: Breast Surgery & Body Contouring Symposium (Miami thru 20th)
NAMM Summer Session (Nashville TN thru 20th)
52nd Annual SSR: Society for Reproductive Health (San Jose CA thru 21st)
Transworld Jewelry, Fashion & Accessories Show (Rosemont IL thru 21st)
Semi-Annual NRG Gynecologic Oncology Group (Philadelphia PA thru 20th)
360 AnDev (Android developers; Denver CO thru 19th)
Citi Taiwan Financial/Macro Tour (Taipei Taiwan thru 19th)
Softbank (SFTBY) World (Tokyo Japan thru 19th)
Alphabet’s YouTube (GOOGL) Live Streams, exclusively, MLB L.A. Dodgers vs Philadelphia Phillies Game
AT&T (T)'s CNN will hold prime time, live (8pm edt) drawing to determine which Dem 2020 hopefuls will debate each night at the Detroit debate July 30--31st.
Walt Disney (DIS) D23 Magical Screening of "The Lion King" Live-action version (Multiple US cities)
Comic-Con International (the original. San Diego CA thru 21st)

FRIDAY, 07/19
Artificial Intelligence in Cardiology
(San Francisco thru 20th)
ICCFA: Cemetery, Funeral & Cremation Home University (Memphis TN thru 24th)
J.A. Jewelry (New Orleans LA thru 21st)
18th Int’l Congress on the Future of Breast Cancer (NY thru 20th)
AACR Immune Cell Therapies for Cancer Successes & Challenges of CAR T Cells & other forms of Adoptive Therapy (San Francisco thru 22nd)
Best of ASCO (Seattle WA thru 20th)
Nintendo (NTDOY) introducting 'Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order" for Nintendo Switch
Nordstrom (JWN) Anniversary Sales starts, with After-Sale prices above the sale prices on price tags (through Aug. 4th)
FILMS OPENING: The live action version of "The Lion King," with Donald Glover, Beyonce, Seth Rogan, Chiwetel Ejiofor, James Earl Jones, Alfre Woodard, and many more supplying the voices of the live animals, from Walt Disney (DIS). Directed by Jon Favreau. "David Crosby: Remember My Name," also features the rest of Crosby, Stills & Nash, for that matter, includes the rest of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, 60’s groups that may draw a nostalgic crowd but will prove no match for ‘Lion King." ‘David Crosby" was directed by A.J. Eaton, produced by Cameron Crowe, and will be distributed by Sony (SNE) Pictures Classics. It premiered at Sundance in 2019.  

Sandi Lynne 2019 Nothing contained in this commentary should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell any security. The opinions expressed are the author’s, alone, and should be just one factor in more complete due diligence.

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