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What You missed LAST Week    

                                            EARNINGS FOCUS ON A FEW BIG RETAILERS, While I-Bank Conferences Return

November 12—16, 2018 The Economic Calendar has an unusual event promising the most stellar of speakers. That would be the CME Global Financial Leadership Conference, with former Presidents Clinton & George Bush, former FOMC Chief Janet Yellen, former UK PM David Cameron, CFTC Chairman Giancarlo, Bob Woodward, fomer Goldman exec & former WH Economic Advisor Gary Cohn, Citadel’s Ken Griffin, H.R. McMaster, Alex Oharian, now known as Serena Williams’ husband—a cast of characters that few conferences could secure. Equities will trade regular hours Monday, while the bond market is closed to celebrate Veteran’s Day. At the risk of being a broken record, I resent the NYSE staying open on Veterans Day while claiming to care so much about war vets. Really? Can’t spare just one day a year to prove it?!?! Otherwise, Fed speakers are out in force, all week, new San Francisco Fed Pres. Mary Daly making a sort of debut, Monday, at a Regional Economic Development event, in East Idaho, of fall places. Later that day.

Neal Kashkari, who is very outspoken on rising interest rates delivers welcome remarks at a Regional Economic Conference on Immigration, with Q&A. If Kashkari disagrees with Trump’s attempts to ban almost all immigration, he’ll be the first to say so. And for many economists, the low, low unemployment rate could wind up being inflationary if another wave of immigrants aren’t allowed in to take the jobs natives turn up their noses at. Just ask owners of tony lawn service contractors in the Hamptons & Virginia horse country whether the US can get along without its foreign guest workers and you’ll hear a resounding "no."

Also watch Oct CPI, on Wednesday morning. After that, the Fed Reserve’s Vice Chairman for Supervision Randall Quarles will testify @ The US House Financial Services committee, starting 9am. (He’ll repeat at the Senate Banking Cmte Thursday.) Early in the evening, FOMC Chief Jerome Powell, and Dallas Fed’s Kaplan will discuss national & global economic issues w/Q&A. In between Quarles & Powell, Amal Clooney, the famed human rights attorney and wife of George Clooney will keynote at the Greenbuild International Conference, in Chicago. Why would a human rights attorney speak at such a conference? It’s a bit puzzling to me but I could stretch my imagination to conceive of solar power purifying water in 3rd world countries solving one of their most pressing needs.

EARNINGS dates could not be confirmed for Dillard’s (DDS), SINA (SINA) or its offspring Weibo (WB). The former never provides much notice, the latter two plan an Annual General Meeting with shareholders on 11/23, so perhaps will report just in advance of that event. Bear in mind, the Chinese do not celebrate US Thanksgiving Day, on Nov. 22nd, this year. But give it up for earnings reports from Home Depot Tuesday, along with Tyson Foods, Beazer Homes, and, so it’s said, Tilray, one of the Canadian marijuana companies. Wednesday, Cisco & NetApp report, along with Macy*s & VIPshop Holdings. Thursday, Applied Materials & nVidia report, along with Energizer, Nordstrom, Walmart, and Williams-Sonoma. Friday, Viacom reports, a list condensed for this space, which you’re free to reference on the Earnings Calendar, below.

As for Events, none offer as big a marquis of names as CME but the return of I-bank hosted conferences can’t be mistaken. First off the Edison Electric Institute (EEI) Financial Conference, which brings out a slew of investors hosted by I-banks, though none need to be guided, since the schedule of presentations is set months in advance. Over the weekend, Amarin Biopharma’s Vascepa emerged as the biggest winner at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions. Its prescription strength Omega 3 fish oil has been shown to save lives, reduce risk of a 2nd heart attack or stroke, significantly lowering triglycerides. Amarin’s CEO was on CNBC recently but no one seemed to buy into his touts of Vascepa. Now, top heart doctors and publications are saying so.

Monday, UBS hosts its Annual Global Technology & Credit Suisse its Annual Healthcare conference. Never mind JPMorgan hosts Ultimate Services Investor Conference or Citigroup’s Financial Technology Conference, which offer some overlap. UBS and Credit Suisse will dominate the day. Tuesday, Morgan Stanley steps in with Global Consumer & Retail Conference, just as the first of the largest retailers start reporting but early for others to speak frankly due to quiet periods. Morgan Stanley is, also, hosting Global Chemicals & Agriculture, Tuesday, even as Stifel hosts Healthcare, also. More unusual is Inside Fixed Income, in Newport Beach California, which means it will start making news just as the East Coast conferences break for lunch.

Wednesday, Barclays hosts a Global Automotive Conference in NY. Thursday, UBS hosts Aerospace & Defence, Credit Suisse Housing, even as Bk of America Merrill Lynch opens Global Energy in Miami. Both Deutsche Bank & CanaccordGenuity are hosting, separately, MedTools & Diagnostics and Medical Technology & Diagnostics, respectively, 2 peas in a pod that are different without distinction. One of the biggest conferences of the year also starts Thursday, ACAAI, or American College of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology Annual Scientific meeting, in Seattle. Meantime, after this week I-bank conferences move overseas, especially to the Far East where Thanksgiving isn’t a factor at all.

Meantime, whether you shop online or in malls, the Black Friday hype machine is already in overdrive. The problem is, last year’s after holiday sales were so steep, many stocked up on all the hats, gloves, jackets and boots they might need to get them through the rest of the year. Tablets could see a resurgence, as a couple of friends already called to ask me whether they should fall for the Kindle tablet on HSN, with 16gb of memory. Most of those asking have smartphones with at least 64gb—most twice that much—so it’s hard to understand how they got excited about HSN’s Amazon tablet that they should know will be available, probably for less, and better equipped, Blk Friday, at Amazon’s own website. Or, they could check out the kiosk in front of Macy*s at the mall, where the one-time KORS Watch kiosk is, since last July, an Amazon kiosk, filled with smart devices. Or they could walk a few more steps to a Google kiosk, and check out all of its smart speakers. And, if they happen to be service people, they should include AT&T in their research, since it is offering at least $200 for past and current service members. FootLocker, likewise, always offers a discount to current & former service members, even as Skecher’s offers discounts to teacher and school administrators. Really, HSN? Get a grip!

Stocks did get through the first line of resistance last week but no sooner did so than they stalled. Trump’s generous waivers to 8 countries who buy oil from Iran has angered the Saudi’s & other oil producers who know are going to trim some of the production they ramped up this past summer, when it looked like crude was headed to $100 per barrel. With the price having now collapsed, there’s determination to trim production just as the winter heating season gets underway. Oil is usually a fairly safe bet to rise from now into February but take note of the producer stocks. Neither Chevron nor ExxonMobil, for instance, have reacted to the collapse in oil prices. Chevron did, momentarily, the week before last, when it declined to $109 but it was off to the races and back to $121 as soon as earnings were out. And that’s reason to use caution with the retailers reporting this week. Their reports reflect what was, last quarter, not what is, this quarter, when enthusiasm for the group seems overdone to me. Walmart stores are no better stocked or cleaner than they’ve ever been, while M’s new CEO is as promotional as Terry Lundgren has ever been. In addition to several 25% off coupons I was sent a 30% off coupon, too, even as the store is so overstocked it’s dangerous to walk through, and it’s 80% off section offers some of the most shopworn goods I’ve ever seen—shoes, especially.

Happy shopping! And thank you for your service, to the vets I never said that to in the late 60’s and 70’s, when my generation treated those returning from Vietnam as badly as we could have, blaming those drafted to go with the anger we should have reserved for the government leaders who sent them there.

ECONOMIC: (Highlights, only, below. Full International Economic Calendar here)
SUNDAY, 11/11
OPEC & non-OPEC Oil Producers Meet
to discuss Quotas (Abu Dhabi UAE)
US Veterans Day to be celebrated tomorrow, on the Federal level, except in stocks
Alibaba (BABA) Singles Day
52nd Annual Felaban Assembly (LatAm Bankers; Punta Cana Dominican Republic thru 14th)
World Economic Forum Future Councils Annual Meeting (Dubai UAE thru 12th)
    OVERNIGHT into US Mon. a.m. et:
Euro Finance Week keynote ECB V.P. de Guindos (Frankfurt Germany thru 16th)
        BoE Dpty Gov for Prudential Regulation & CEO of Reg. Authority Sam Woods moderates panel @ Chatham House Conference on "The Future of London as a Financial Centre" (London)

MONDAY, 11/12
US Bond Markets Celebrate Veteran’s Day by Closing
Equities Trade Regular Hours
—9:30am et –4pm et
US V. P. Pence visits Japan (thru 13th )
Janet Yellen, Pres’ts Bill Clinton & George W Bush, David Cameron, Ken Griffin, Gary Cohn, CFTC Chair Giancarlo H.R. McMaster, Alex Ohanian, Bob Woodward, Steve Wozniak, just a taste of 2018 CME Global Financial Leadership Conference Speakers (Naples FL thru 14th)
Asia Pacific APEC Economic Cooperation Leaders Week (Papua New Guinea)
Cowen Post-Election Pow Wow (D.C, thru 13th)
New San Francisco Fed Reserve Bk Pres Mary Daly speaks "REDI: the Regional Economic Development for Eastern Idaho w/Q&A (Idaho Falls ID 2:30pm et)
      OVERNIGHT into US Tues. a.m. et:
          Japan Oct Corporate Goods Price Index (PPI)
          Italian 3-, 7-, & 30-year BTP Auctions
          UK ILO Sept Unemployment Rate/Change/Earnings, Oct Claimant Count/Change
          German ZEW Survey of Economic Conditions & Expectations

TUESDAY, 11/13
US NFIB Small Business Optimism Index
Fed’s Kashkari
delivers welcome remarks @ Regional Economic Conference on Immigration w/Q&A (Fed Reserve Bk of Minneapolis 10am)
OPEC Monthly Report (estimated date)
Fed’s Harker participates in lead into "FinTech and the New Financial Landscape" (Philadelphia PA)
FTC/Howard Univ. 7th Hearings on Competition & Consumer Protection (D.C. thru 14th)
US Treasury Auctions $45B 3- & $39B 6-month Bills (11:30am et)
US Treasury Auctions $50B 4-, & $30 B 8-week Bills (1pm et)
US Treasury Monthly Budget (2pm et)
S.F.Fed’s Daly lectures at Boise State Univ. w/Q&A (Boise ID 5pm et)
    OVERNIGHT into US Wed. a.m. et:
        Japan Q3 GDP/Private Consumption/Business Spending/CapEX

        China Oct Retail Sales, Industrial Production, Fixed Assets, Property Investment, Oct Jobless Rate
        Japan Sept Industrial Production/Capacity Utilization
        ECB’s Lautenschlager participates in "Banking Supervision, Resolution & Risk Management in Europe" @ Euro Finance Week (Frankfurt)
        UK Oct CPI, Retail & Producer Input & Output Price Indices, Sept House Price Index
        IEA Monthly Report
        EU FinMins Meet (Brexit likely a topic)
        Eurozone Sept Industrial Production, Q3 GDP,. Unemployment

MBA weekly Mortgage/Refinance Apps
FOMC V. Chair for Supervision Quarles testifies @ US House
FinServices Cmte (9am et)
Amal Clooney opening keynote at Greenbuild Int’l Conference (Chicago IL)
Atlanta Fed Business Inflation Expectations (10am et)
FOMC Chief Powell & Dallas Fed’s Kaplan discuss national & global economic issues w/Q&A @ Dallas Fed (TX 5pm et)
    OVERNIGHT into Thurs. a.m. et:
        China Oct New House Prices
        EU 25 Oct New Car Registrations
        Riksbank’s af Jochnick discusses Central Bank Digital Currencies @ Euro Finance Week
        Atlanta Fed’s Bostic speaks @ GIC "Central Banking Series: Madrid (Spaom)

US weekly Jobless Claims
Philly Fed Business Outlook Survey
Credit Suisse Brexit & UK Politics
US Oct Retail Sales
Empire State (NY Fed) Nov Manufacturing Survey
US Oct Import/Export Prices (8:30am et Tariff impact?)
US Business Inventories & Inventories/Sales Ratio (10am et)
Canada Oct Existing Home Sales
FOMC V. Chair Quarles testifites @ US Senate Banking Cmte on Fed’s Supervision & Regulation of the Financial systems (10am et)
EIA weekly Natural Gas Report (10:30am et/ w/e 11/09)
EIA weekly Petroleum/Gasoline/Distillates Report (11am et delayed by Veterans Day)
Bk of Mexico MPC Rate Decision
Fed’s Kashkari
participates in moderated Q&A @ MN AgriGrowth Council (Minneapolis 3pm)
Fed’s weekly Balance Sheet & US Money Supply
    OVERNGIHT into US Fri a.m. et:
        UK Inflation Report Hearings
        Eurozone Oct CPI
        ECB Pres. Draghi & Bundesbank Pres. Weidmann
speak at Euro Finance Week (Frankfurt)

FRIDAY, 11/16
US Oct Industrial Production/Capacity Utilization

Quarterly (adv) Services Report (10am et)
Canada Unemployment Report, Sept TICs +Manufacturer Sales
K.C. Fed Nov Manufacturing Index (11am et)
Fed’s Evans speaks on current eco conditions & monetary policy @ Fixed Income Forum Roundtable w/Q&A (11:30am Chicago)
Baker-Hughes weekly US/North American Rig Count (1pm et)
US Sept TICS (4pm et)

         WEEKS AHEAD
:11/28  FOMC Chief Powell speaks @ Economics Club of NY (11:30am–2pm)
                                   12/04   RBA (Aussie) MPC Meets
                                   12/05   BoC (Canada) MPC Meets
                                             FOMC’s Powell testifies before Jt Economic Cmte of Congress (DC)
                                   12/13 ECB MPC Meets
                                             SNB (Swiss) MPC Meets
                                             Norges (Norway) MPC Meets
                                   12/16 ECB’s Draghi & Bundesbank’s Weidmann speak (Frankfurt)
                                             Fed’s Evans Q&A @ Fixed Income Forum Roundtable (Chicago)
                            12/18—19 FOMC Meets
                                   12/19   FOMC Statement (likely rate hike), SEP (Forecasts)
                                             FOMC Chief Powell Press Conference post-Expected Rate Hike
                                   12/20   BoE MPC Meets
                                             BoJ MPC Meets
                                             Riksbank (Sweden) MPC Meets
                                             Bk of Mexico MPC Meets

EARNINGS: ( We no longer separate pre-market from after market releases. We ignore "The" in a corporate name unless it’s integral to the ticker—in most cases it isn’t. If a company hasn’t confirmed by noon, Thursday, 11/09, the report is not included here. Question marks after a ticker indicate are inability to confirm or refute the date. We embolden the tickers that can, either move markets or a sector, or that, generally, attract the most attention, whether we think the company is priceless or worthless. This is the first week that big retailers report, Consumer Discretionary names & a couple of big Tech companies our focus because it will be the Street’s focus. Alibaba’s Singles Day, 11/11, the official kick-off for Black Friday weekend’s shopping.)







AASLD Liver Disease Annual Meeting (San Francisco CA thru 13th)
AM. Heart Ass’n Scientific Sessions (Anaheim CA thru 12th)
Resuscitation Science Symposium @ AHA (Anaheim)
15th Congress of Aesthetic Medicine (Miami FL)
SITC: Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (Washington D.C.)
19th SMSNA Sexual Medicine Scientific meeting (Miami)
CIIE China Int’l Import Expo (Shanghai China)
China Int’l Air Show (Zhuhai, China)

Citi EEI Financial Conference (San Francisco thru 13th)
EEI Edison Electric Institute Financial Conference (San Francisco thru 13th)
130th NARUC Annul Meeting Tapping Water/Energy Nexus (Orlando thru 14th)
EEI/AGA Executive Fall Accounting Summit (San Antonio TX thru 14th)
Techonomy aka T+18 (Half Moon Bay CA thru 13th)
35th Annual Clinical Symposium of the Am Society of Metabolic & Bariatric Surgeons Obesity Week (Nashville TN thru 15th)
AH&LA BD NY (Boutique Hotel Design Trade Fair NY thru 12th)
ABA Nat’l Agricultural Bankers Conference (Omaha NE thru 14th)
CAHF California Health Facilities Convention/Expo (Palm Springs CA thru 14th)
SC Supercomputing (Dallas TX thru 16th)
47th AAGL Congress on Minimally Invasive Gynecology + Hysterectomy Summit (Las Vegas NV thru 15th)
UBS India Conference (Mumbai India thru 13th)
Alibaba’s (BABA) Singles Day Sale
People’s Choice Awards E! TV
9pm et/8ct/6pst

MONDAY, 11/12
JPMorgan Ultimate Services Investor Conference (NY)
UBS Global Technology Conference (San Francisco thru 14th)
Citi Financial Technology Conference (NY thru 14th)
Credit Suisse 27th Annual Healthcare Conference (Scottsdale AZ thru15th)
17th Cloud Expo (NY thru 13th)
SHOP! X (Retail Experience) 20/20 Annual (New Orleans LA thru 14th)
ICMI Contact Center ACCE + DEMO (Las Vegas thru 14th)
WSJ D.LIVE (Laguna Beach CA thru 14th)
Clinical Research Partnerships & Outsourcing in Clinical Trials (Philadelphia thru 13th)
AHF Affordable Housing (Chicago thru 14th)
Reuters Global Investment Outlook 2019 (NY, London, Hong Kong, Singapore)
Superbugs & Superdrugs A Focus on Antibacterials (Iselin NJ thru 14th)
CFRI Current Financial Reporting Issues Conference (NY thru 13th)
100th IAAPA-AMOA Amusement Attraction Operators Ass’n (Orlando thru 16th)
Goldman Sachs 10th CEEMEA 1x1 Conference (London thru 13th)
UBS Australasia Conference (Sydney Australia thru 13th)
HSBC Healthcare Day (Frankfurt Germany)
MEDICA Live (Dusseldorf Germany thru 15th)
OSA Optics & Photonics LatAm Conference (Lima Peru thru 15th)
ADIPEC Abu Dhabi Int’l Petroleum Exhibit & Conference (Abu Dhabi UAE thru 15th)
JPMorgan China Technology Tour (Shanghai, Kunshan, Suzhou, Shenzhen thru 13th)
JPM China Commodity Tour (China thru 16th)
Macquarie Korea Corporate Day (Hong Kong thru 13th)
CME Group (CME) 11th Global Financial Leadership Conference (Naples FL thru 14th)
Rockwell Automation (ROK) Process Solutions Users Automation Fair (Philadelphia PA thru 15th)
Sotheby’s (BID) Modern & Contemporary Art Auctions Live + Online (NY thru 12/11)

TUESDAY, 11/13
Morgan Stanley Global Consumer & Retail Conference (NY thru 14th)
Morgan Stanley Global Chemicals & Agriculture Conference (Boston MA thru 14th)
Stifel Healthcare Conference (NY thru 14th)
Needhan & Co Networking & Security Conference (NY)
Bradesco 8th BBI Annual CEO Forum (NY thru 14th)
Inside Fixed Income (Newport Bch CA thru 14th)
Hart Energy DUG Mid-Continent (Oklahoma City OK thru 15th)
Streaming Media West (Huntington Bch CA thru 14th)
Boston Biotech NY/NJ CEO Conference NY thru 14th)
Community Solar 2.0 (New Orleans thru 15th)
UBS European Conference (London thru 14th)
S&P Global Intelligence Financial Institutions Conference (London & Paris thru 15th)
AACR-NCI-EORTC Int’l Conference on Molecular Targets & Cancer Therapeutics: Discovery, Biology, Clinical Applications + Head & Neck Cancer Group Mtg (Dublin Ireland thru 16th)
Parks Associates Connections Europe (Amsterdam NL thru 14th)
SEMICON Europe (Munich Germany thru 16th)
Macquarie India Conference (Mumbai thru 14th)
Credit Suisse Telecom Day (Sao Paulo Brasil)
Deutsche Bank 11th Indonesia Conference (Jakarta thru 15th)
Daiwa Investment Conference (Hong Kong thru 16th)
Citi China Investor Conference (Shenzhen China thru 14th)
Biocentury 5th China Healthcare Summit (Shanghai China thru 14th)
Autodesk (ADSK) University (Las Vegas thru 15th)
Billboard Live Music & Awards Summit (Beverly Hills, CA thru 14th)
Cisco (CSCO) Global Partners Conference (Las Vegas thru 15th)
Overstock.com (OSTK) Analyst & Investor Meeting (10am mt Salt Lake City UT)
Pandora Media (P) 6th Beyond 2018 (Radio, Internet & Live in NYC)

Barclays Global Automotive Conference (NY thru 15th)
Wearable USA (Santa Clara thru 15th)
Printed Electronics & Photovoltaics @ IDTechEx Show (Santa Clara CA thru 15th)
3D Printing, Energy Storage, Wearable Tech, Sensors, & IoT co-located with Electric Vehicles @IDTechEx Show (Santa Clara thru 15th)
14th Annual Personalized Medicine Conference (Boston thru 15th)
Greenbuild Int’l Conference opening keynote Amal Clooney (Chicago thru 16th)
Forbes CMO Summit (Dana Point CA thru 16th)
ROTH Capital Partners Technology Corporate Access Day (NY)
Morgan Stanley Annual European TMT Conference (Barcelona Spain thru 16th)
Goldman Sachs Global Natural Resources Conference (London thru15th)
Jefferies Healthcare Tour & Conference (London thru 15th)
AACR’s CTOS: Fall Connective Tissue Oncology Meeting (Rome Italy thru 17th)
JPMorgan Global TMT in Asia Conference (Hong Kong thru 15th)
JPMorgan Czech & Hungary Investor Day (London)
Bahrain Int’l Airshow (Bahrain thru 16th)
21st CLSA India Forum (Guangaon India thru 16th)
Citi [C] CEO Michael Corbat speaks @ New York Economic Club (NY luncheon 11:30am—2pm et)
SpecGx LLC NDA 209774 for immediate release oral tablet formulation of oxycodone that’s difficult to abuse before FDA Anesthetic & Analgesic AdCom for pain severe enough to require narcotics and for which there are no equal alternatives
Liberty Media Corp (LBTYA) & Trackers Investor Day (9am est)
52nd CMA (Country Music Awards (ABC-TV (DIS) from (Nashville TN)

CanaccordGenuity Medical Technology & Diagnostics Forum (NY)
Deutsche Bank MedTools & Diagnostics 1x1 Day (NY)
UBS Aerospace & Defence Conference (Palm Beach FL thru 17th)
Credit Suisse 5th Housing Conference (NY)
BAML Global Energy Conference (Miami thru 16th)
Needham & Co 8th Annual SaaS 1x1 Conference (San Francisco)
ACAAI Am. College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Scientific Mtg (Seattle WA thru 19th)
Craig-Hallum 9th Alpha Select Conference (NY)
32nd Annual Veterinary Dental Forum (Phoenix AZ thru 18th)
Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual (NY thru 18th)
FDA Patient Engagement AdCom (DC)
FDA Anesthetic & Analgesic AdCom to discuss opioid analgesic sparing outcomes in clinical trials of acute pain, with comments on trial design & endpoints
Deutsche Bank dbAccess Japan Conference (London thru 16th)
HSBC Luxembourg Conference (Luxembourg)
Citi China Investor Conference (Macau thru 16th)
JPMorgan China Auto Tour & Guangzhou Auto Show (Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou thru 17th)
25th World Congress of Savings & Retail Banks (New Delhi India thru 16th)

FRIDAY, 11/16
Palliative & Supportive Care in Oncology
Symposium (San Diego CA thru 17th)
SIOG Int’l Society of Geriatric Oncology Annual (Amsterdam NL thru 18th)
FILMS OPENING: "Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwalk," the 2nd installment in the "Fantastic Beasts" series (by J.K. Rowling, an offshoot of the wizarding world) stars Eddie Redmayne, Katherine Waterston, Dan Fogler, Jude Law, Johnny Depp, Zoe Kravitz, via Warner Bros (T). "Instant Family," with Mark Wahlberg & Rose Byrne, who adopt 3 almost grown kids, also featuring Octavia Spencer, from Paramount Pictures (VIA.B). "Widows," with Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, & Elizabeth Debicki, Cynthia Erivo, Colin Farell, Robert Duvall, Liam Neeson, directed by Steve McQueen, a story about 4 women cleaning up their deceased husbands’ surviving debts with a heist of their own, from 20th Century Fox (FOXA). Magnolia Pictures (Mark Cuban) distributing the documentary, "The Last Race," about the Riverhead (Long Island) stock car race track, and the blue collar workers & fans fighting to save it. Barbara & Jim Cromarty are the track co-owners, Marty Himes the owner of Marty Himes Museum and a former driver, Marty Berger the real estate developer, fighting "progress" of development, at the Islip speedway where Richard Petty & Bobby Allison once won NASCAR races there. Long island once boasted 40 race tracks, Autoweek says, the Riverhead Speedway is the last to survive, and still in business, for now. "At Eternity’s Gate," yet another biopic of Vincent Van Gogh, this one concentrating on his time living in Arles & Auvers-sur-Oise, France, directed by Julian Schnabel, which would get it a viewing, no matter what! Cast includes Willem Dafoe as Van Gogh, Rupert Friend, as his brother Theo, Oscar Isaac as Paul Gaughuin, Niels Arestrup as a "Madman," (I kid you not), Stella Schnable as Gaby, from Iconoclast Pictures & Riverstone Pictures, filmed in France, distributed by CBS Films (CBS). Perhaps there’s an expectation that "Bohemian Rhapsody," "The Grinch," "A Star is Born," and, even the ‘Nutcracker’ will continue to draw in most of the movie goers. Otherwise, slim pickings into Thanksgiving.

Microsoft (MSFT)
Office 365 DevDays (Beijing china thru 18th)
(Saturday before Thanksgiving starts a slow week for stateside events)  EARLIER 2018 OUTLOOKS Here

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